Our Story

Thoresby Lodge No. 4920

1927 -1952



On 7th January 1927, the Past Masters of the Lodge of Prudence No. 2069 met to consider a proposal to form a new Lodge and it was decided to call a special meeting of the Brethren to discuss the proposition. This meeting, held on 31st January 1927, was attended by about fifty Brethren.

The reasons put forward for a new Lodge were that the Lodge of Prudence then had a membership of about eighty and a waiting list of about twelve, which meant that promotion would be very slow and intended candidates would have many years to wait for admission . After a full discussion it was resolved that the Lodge of Prudence would support a Petition for the formation of a new Lodge.

The question whether the new Lodge was to be conducted on the lines of the Lodge of Prudence, that is, as a temperance Lodge, was discussed at great length and eventually by 24 votes to 18, it was decided to follow the same principles.

On 7th February 1927 the first meeting of intended Founders was held. Those who were unable to act as Founders offered to become joining members . At this meeting it was resolved to proceed with the necessary preliminaries in connection with the formation of the new Lodge.

On 7th March 1927 the Petition was signed by all the proposed Founders and it was agreed that the name of the new Lodge should be “Endurance” . The first Master was to be W. Bro. Henry Elsworth; the I.P.M., WBro. Frederick William Goodall; S.W , Bro. William Westerman; J.W, Bro. Alfred Pullan. The remaining Officers were nominated and a Committee was formed to deal with the many matters incidental to the formation of the Lodge and its Consecration.

At a further meeting on 14th March 1927, WBro. Elsworth stated that for health reasons he would not be able to become the first Master, and accordingly WBro. George Diment was invited and accepted the office.

The question of the name of the Lodge was again raised at this meeting and the previous resolution on the subject was rescinded. The following names were then suggested: Thoresby, Templestowe, Endurance, St. George’s, Arcana.

A vote was taken and it was unanimously resolved that the name should be “Thoresby” .