Sunday Lunch 2019

Sunday Lunch 2019

Last Sunday, 28th July 2019, was Thoresby Lodge’s Annual Sunday Lunch, held at Cleckheaton Golf Club.  A lovely meal and superb time was had by all brethren, partners, and friends who attended. We would like to thank W Bro. William and Linda Blezard for all their hard work in organising this event, as it is not an easy job and we really do appreciate and all their hard work. They also arranged a raffle with alot of prizes, that managed to raise £130 which will be donated towards to Lift Fund at the Pudsey Masonic Hall.


Four Pudsey Lodges join together to Raise a Brother on behalf of St Laurence Lodge No 2330

Four Pudsey Lodges join together to Raise a Brother on behalf of St Laurence Lodge No 2330

The Third Degree the beginning of a new journey – Four Pudsey Lodges join together to Raise a Brother on behalf of St Laurence Lodge No 2330

Brethren I’m sure that all of us, no matter how long we have been a member of freemasonry remember all too well our 3rd degree ceremony.

But for some, it will be more memorable than others. We at St Laurence Lodge No 2330 have recently raised a brother, Thomas Harris to the 3rd degree. Nothing unusual in this I hear you say. However this was indeed a very different ceremony to our usual one.

Thomas is one of our newer members and a Fellowcraft freemason enjoying his status and looking forward to his future masonic career. However he and his family were given the opportunity to start a new life ‘down under’ which left us with a very tight time limit to get raise him to the 3rd so he could begin his new life in Tasmania as a fully-fledged master mason.

At St Laurence Lodge 2330 we had no space in our calendar to fit him in. So we asked another Lodge, Thoresby Lodge No 4920 in our rooms to do it for us. So far nothing too unusual, but I wondered how I could make it a very special memory for him.  After much discussion with all the Lodges that meet in our rooms in Pudsey. We put together a ceremony involving brethren from all four craft Lodges. St. Laurence 2330, Thoresby Lodge No 4920, Lodge of Benevolence No 5612, and Prince of Wales Lodge No1648 delivering ritual at various stages of the ceremony.

Brethren what a most enjoyable occasion it proved to be, a faultless ceremony where the preceptor who could have had a very busy night, virtually had the night off. The evening was rounded off by a superb meal with good friends at the festive board.

I’m sure we would all like to wish Tom and his family all the very best for their new lives in Tasmania and to let him know that we will always be here for him should he ever need his brothers.

W Bro. Gary Calverley PPJGW

St Laurence 2330

Fifty Years a Mason – Second One for Thoresby Lodge

Fifty Years a Mason – Second One for Thoresby Lodge

On Tuesday 16th April 2019 at the Regular meeting of Thoresby Lodge No. 4920 a celebration of 50 years continuous service to Freemasonry was held for W Bro. Carl Rostron, PPJGW, the Second One for Thoresby Lodge.

It was Carl’s particular wish that he be presented with his Jubilee Certificate by W Bro. Jim Gray, PJGD, PPSGW, a very long standing friend during his many years in Freemasonry. Jim and Carl had a general chat on the floor of the Lodge recanting various anecdotes and amusing stories from Carl’s life and the 50 years he had been a member of the Craft.

Carl was initiated into Thoresby Lodge No. 4920 on the 3rd April 1969. He served as Master in 1984. He is also a very active member of the Leeds & District Lodge of Installed Masters No. 7918, having been in the chair twice, once in 1996 and again in 2006. He was also a joining member of Perseverance Lodge No. 3197 in order to help bolster numbers and to support the lodge.

Carl was given his first preferment in the Province in 1991 being offered Provincial Grand Steward, promoted the following year to PPDepGReg and a further preferment in 1997 saw him attaining the rank of PPJGW.

After their chat Jim presented Carl with his Jubilee Certificate making note that in just over 12 months he hoped to be at Prudence Chapter No. 2069 to see Carl receiving a Jubilee certificate for 50 years service to the Royal Arch – What an achievement!

A very happy and convivial Festive Board followed the meeting where further anecdotes were enjoyed by all coming from all corners of the dining table.

Fifty Years a Mason

Fifty Years a Mason

Terence Michael Hanby became the first member of Thoresby Lodge No. 4920, Pudsey, to achieve 50 years in Freemasonry, and Anthony W Llewellyn APGM was pleased to attend and present a Jubilee Certificate on this memorable occasion.

Unfortunately, Terry passed away 11 April 2016; a sad loss to the lodge and the Province.

Terry began his working life as an apprentice Draughtsman, starting his own company in 1972. Married to Joan, a loving wife for 60 years, with 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Terry was initiated into Thoresby Lodge on 3rd November 1966, when the Lodge met at the rooms based in Great George Street, Leeds.

He was actively involved in finding a new home at the Masonic Hall, Pudsey, and is proud to have been involved in getting the Lodge established there.

Serving all the offices in the Lodge, he attained the Chair of King Solomon in 1981. In 1990 he was appointed to Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works and later promoted to PPJGW. In January 2000, he was further promoted to PPSGW.

A Director of the Pudsey Masonic Hall Company for many years, and later took on Chairman of PMH Property Company Ltd on its creation.

He was a hard working Liaison Officer for 2 Lodges for 14 years. Terry is considered to have been a stalwart of Masonry in our Lodge, Pudsey Family of Lodges, and the Province.

He will be sadly missed by us all.